Hub Calle Asturias


We are in a privileged situation, very close to leisure areas such as C.C. Aqua and C.C. Saler or the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences. We have a public parking opposite and various combinations of bus and metro to easily reach.

Private Offices

Breakers Hub - Despachos Privados - oficinas privadas

Large individual offices for breakers who need privacy, tranquility or a different way of work

Pax 6 – 5m

Meeting Room

Breakers Hub - Meeting Room

Meeting room equipped with all the latest technologies necessary for work (videoconferences, team meetings or events, etc). It has 4k television, projector, high quality audio, slate-like windows and privacy.

Pax 10 – 20 m


Breakers Hub - Box Azul

Spaces for more informal meetings, brainstorming or just a closer conversation. They have all the comforts to meet with your team in a fluid and comforting way.

Pax 4 – 3m

Common Area

Breakers Hub - Zona Común

Wide, bright, well-kept, landscaped and above all, accompanied by great teams which to share your free time, experiences, work and why not, new opportunities. Areas to work relaxed, sofas, desks with drawers, a world available at your fingertips.

Pax 50 – 200m

Leisure Room

Breakers Hub - Zona Ocio

Our rest area, spacious, comfortable and warm. Take a snack, chat with other breakers or play a game at the console. Includes refrigerator, microwave, relaxation area, cafeteria service and television.

Pax 20 – 30m